"Where the data comes from doesn't matter. What will matter … is that more of it will be at the fingertips of every person across the enterprise, should they so choose to make use of it."  

You never know WHEN, WHERE or WHO has the ability to see into a problem or recognize one exist.  ONEVUE allows every person, not just one or two and without special training, across your enterprise to contribute.  While customers see big data transforming their environment in the next three years, even more say they cannot effectively exploit big data. Right now approximately one percent (1%) of all data is being analyzed.

“At some point … we will stop talking about big data and get back to just talking about data.”

It does not matter if you have an Excel data file to open that contains 40,000 cells of data or more than 220 million cells, ONEVUE can easily and quickly show you relationships otherwise not recognized.   Easily click on an existing formula to be included on the graph or build your own formula for inclusion, takes only minutes to perform.

Begin a learning adventure with your Machine Collected Data (MCD) today.    End the hours of agony using Excel and make it minutes when performing analytics or developing graphic charts with ONEVUE.  Experience ONEVUE today and see the difference in insight, graphing and new found confidence you find.   See Excel data in a new light as never before.

Excel graphing & analysis a problem … stop hoping for an easier solution, it’s here.

IT strong and User friendly, ONEVUE will amaze you from the beginning, when tackling the tedious task of analytics, delivering value quickly and easily removing the resource intensive time and allowing you to focus more time on the issue resolution.

If you run a data driven business, not only is reaction time in manufacturing to market important, but gaining the ability to recognize trends that could impact those times are extremely important. And the best way to quickly identify such trends, either good or bad, is through visualization.

Need to find those little missed facts … we have the solution.

This is where ONEVUE as a business intelligence tool (BIT) stands out in a data driven business. Excel data file’s cells, rows and columns have no structured interrelationships, but this is where ONEVUE stands out with the ability to immediately provide these interrelationships.

Some interesting aspects of ONEVUE are

  • Opens XLS, XLSX, CSV, GE MkV View2 and Siemens T3000 Analog Grid report files.
  • Able to open CSV files from countries that use different date and number formats.
  • Screens and menus adapt to ten (10) different languages.
  • Very mouse friendly in letting you interact with the display.
  • Print graph and tabular views.
  • Markup tools that allow you to annotate the graphical display to better communicate the story you are trying to tell.
  • Includes Data export tools.

Like what you’ve read thus far?  Request your OneVue Trial Download today and discover the power you can garner from your business or industrial data.